Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ok, been a while. Busy summer, son's wedding, married a fellow PI lawyers' daughter. Anyways, I am trying to catch up and post meaningful things here. Just got back from speaking to the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, yes, they haven't changed their name! I became a member, since I have spoken there so often.
I spoke on damages and Using the Rules in Opening. You can download my powerpoint presentations at Free, to boot!

I have been doing quite a bit of consulting and focus groups lately, and one thing that seems a constant is that the youngest generation, the 25 and under group, are not very good for plaintiffs. I really don't generalize or stereotype as to jury selection, but I have consistently found that no matter the location, Idaho, Wisconsin, Colorado, this age group is not very plaintiff friendly as a whole.

I'm wondering what your experience is with this age juror?

For example, my 23 year old daughter, raised in a family of what I would consider to be more liberal than conservative, recently announced that she was leaning Republican. And she lives in Madison!

Anyways, when picking a jury, keep that in mind.

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