Saturday, April 3, 2010

Google legal scholar is here!

Every day we are asked to “find” something – I’ve found the Google
search engine to be a great research tool.

And now Google has online the beta version of its long-awaited Legal
Scholar, which allows you to search for case citations.

Don’t give up your WestLaw or Lexis subscription, but do check it out.

1) Go to Google, and click on “Other,” then select “Scholar” from the
drop-down list.

2) Select “Legal Opinions and Journals” and then enter a cite, let’s say
Dillon v. Legg.

3) You’ll notice that you can ask for both California and Federal cases,
you can specify a time frame (example: 1995 to present) and you can
indicate whether you want to see any article that includes the citation
or only those that include a summary of the case.

4) If you’re into Boolean logic searches, Scholar features Google’s
advanced searching capability, i.e., Boolean logic in disguise. Legal
Scholar is pretty neat, and it’s free!

Let me know how it works for you.