Monday, July 5, 2010

Mount Carmel Nursing Home and nursing home abuse

Mount Carmel is a nursing home here in Milwaukee. Recently, it was hit with 35 state and federal regulation violations, already topping the 40 it was hit with in 2009. It has been hit with 6 lawsuits in the last 6 months, including one case where a resident was charted as being in the facility for 10 hours when in fact, he had left the facility and had been arrested for prowling.

Mount Carmel is owned by Kindred Healthcare, a large corporation known for its chronically under staffing at its facilities. There is only one reason, of course, for under staffing, and that is to save and make more money. Profits over people.

As a lawyer, I have handled many nursing home cases for families and this is a common theme. Attorneys find that many nursing homes are understaffed and the staff that works there is underpaid. In one case, I questioned a former CNA who left the facility. I asked where she went to work after the nursing home and she said McDonalds. I asked why and she said it paid better! So McDonalds, a fast food place, pays better than a facility that promises to take care of our parents and grandparents!

What happens when a nursing home is understaffed? Nursing home abuse. Falls, broken hips, broken bones, pressure sores, all these things occur when the nursing home chooses not to hire and pay enough staff to take care of the needs of its residents.

Keep on the lookout for nursing home abuse and hold those companies, like Kindred Healthcare and Mount Carmel, responsible for choosing profits over people.

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Many thanks to Kindred Healthcare..
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